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What are the Key Features You Should Look for Before Choosing a Visitor Management System

Any time of organization, be it government or private, large or small, hospital or school, wants to keep its premises safe factoring the various safety concerns. Such organizations not only have employees but also visitors on a daily basis. In this particular context, a visitor can be a contractor, a parent, a lawyer, a supplier, or anybody that is indirectly or directly a stakeholder of the premise he is visiting. 

In order to identify these visitors, workplaces now feel a need to introduce visitor management systems.  It becomes even more important to choose the right visitor management software because it not only provides safety to the premises but also provides many valuable operational insights for businesses.

So to help you make the right decision, we are going to discuss some key features that you should be looking for before choosing a visitor management system


Biometric for a hassle-free check-in process


A biometric-enabled visitor management system is a must for places like theme parks, government institutions, military compounds, etc., where the footfall is high and visitor identification is extremely critical. In such places, a paper-based visitor management system is almost considered obsolete as it can’t provide accurate insights and safety. 

A biometric digital reception is a perfect fit for those highly secured places. It only takes a couple of seconds to complete the process of identification and verification with a biometric enables visitor management software


Customization to improve the visitor experience


There can’t be a one size fits all solution visitor management system as the organizations vary in multiple terms. A customizable visitor management software can meet different needs, no matter the business’s want or need. It can be an expensive affair for your business if the system is not customizable. 

Visitor management systems come with varied features based on the database it has to maintain which will directly affect your customers’ experience. So, always look out for the system based on your specific business needs to rightly cater to your visitors and always keep on improving your visitor experience.


Robust Reporting


The capability of generating robust reports is a must-have feature for your desired visitor management system in order to learn about your visitors on any given day. The reporting should include real-time data, apply filters to know your visitors on a specific day/time, view information of your visitors, export reports data as a CSV or PDF format for you to share and analyze, etc.

By understanding the right flow of visitors to your premise, you can optimize your premise usage as well as improve facilities management to a great extent. Alongside, your sales team will be able to rightly identify and differentiate visitors who can be future prospective leads from normal visitors. There’s just so much that you can get from the detailed reports. It all depends on how well you use the reports generated from your visitor management system




Many of the currently available visitor management systems lack the ability to process data at a large scale for enterprise operations. On the other hand, paper-based visitor log systems can only log individual visitors while not being able to provide clear insights on the visitors as well. 

For any modern visitor management system, one of the must-have features is scalability as large organizations have hundreds of entry points globally. If the VMS lacks scalability, it would fail to meet the requirements of organizations and thus fail in delivering a safe and secure visitor management system


Blacklisting Unauthorised Visitors


Security is one of the major reasons for concern for many workspaces. With regards to security, pen and paper systems are no doubt redundant and of no use. There is a high possibility anyone can fraud the system and enter the premises with malicious intent to breach the security. 

While looking for a secure visitor management software, you should also make sure to identify the one which allows you to blacklist such unwanted visitors who can cause harm to your organization. The visitor management software should be able to store the fingerprints, iris, etc., and successfully evade any sort of security breach attacks.


While it may not be feasible to consider all the features in a visitor management system, it is advised to give priority to the above-mentioned features to get the best value from the system. piLOBI is a pioneer in developing high-end digital reception systems and its products are deployed at many organizations across the globe 

If your organization or workspace is in the need of high quality and customized visitor management system, contact the solutions expert at piLOBI today and get the systems installed without any delay.

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