How to Seamlessly Navigate Through Multi Location Visitor Management

Organizations that expand into other regions go through the troubles of managing multiple office spaces but with limited resources. This also holds true for Restaurant chains, Hospitals, School chains, etc. The main trouble lies in handling and keeping informed the large number of visitors that enter these premises while being fully integrated with their other branches 24*7. Technology plays a vital role in keeping the processes intact.

To counter such issues, visitor management systems are highly in demand, deployment, and usage. The COVID-19 factor also adds to the reasons. For organizations with multiple locations, visitor management is tied to employee productivity and visitor satisfaction at the core. A few of the top ways in ways in which a modern visitor management software can help you seamlessly navigate through managing visitors at multiple locations simultaneously are discussed below.

Secure Biometric Access for Visitors

Enterprises and businesses with multiple and large premises like hospitals, government places, plants, ports; have a massive number of people visiting on a day-to-day basis. Owing to this, the identification of all these visitors becomes mandatory. This makes the conventional paper-based visitor log-book a bygone product at such places with the introduction of biometric identification technology based VMS.

A biometric-enabled visitor management system provides you with all modern features required to keep your premises safe. Fingerprint scanning, IRIS scanning, and recognizing the facial images greatly contribute to the successful identification and access management across multiple touchpoints in enterprises as well as small businesses

24*7 Cloud Accessibility

Cloud computing technology has evolved and has been implemented in almost every digital service. Cloud offers a great amount of flexibility in terms of data storage, data access, and data security amongst many. In terms of visitor management, cloud technology is definitely considered to be a boom. Integrated with modern digital reception systems, the cloud allows you to access all of your multiple workspace data from one single dashboard. The data can be accessed at any point in varied formats and also can be analyzed to get visitor insights. This leads to significant improvement in user experience as well.

Scalable Reception Systems

When enterprises grow in size, they require constant streamlining of their visitor management solutions and must be able to efficiently carry-out large-scale visitor data operations across all of their operating locations. This makes scalability one of the must-have traits of any modern and efficient visitor management software that the system can fulfill the needs of growing organizations by offering ease and greater security.

If your visitor management system is not scalable, it can lead to operational losses and cause visitor dissatisfaction in the longer run. So, while picking out a suitable visitor management software, be sure to check for its scalability customized to your business requirements and objectives.

Staff Training with right skills required for Check-Ins:

Organizations have to always ensure that their staff is up to date with the relevant skills required for handling various pieces of equipment and technology on-premises for catering to visitors. Ergo, knowing how to operate a modern visitor management system is important for the staff. Multiple workspaces for a single large organization do suffer when visitor check-in isn’t synched to one single platform. The data adversity can have diverse impacts on your business.  The staff should be well-versed in handling this software so that the visitors don’t face any roadblocks in their check-in process.

Moreover, the automation provided by the visitor management system (VMS) allows the staff to maintain distance from the visitors, while simultaneously capturing the visitors’ imminent needs. The training of the staff should teach them the use of various features in the VMS and also how to effectively use those features to ensure that the visitors follow the safety protocols while being properly serviced at the same time.


If your budget allows, you can definitely equip all of your premises with high-end solutions for visitor management systems. However, many businesses can’t afford to allocate huge budgets for VMS as resources are required in other departments to ensure smooth functioning. This makes affordability a vital constraint in choosing the most suitable visitor management software that aligns with your budget and growth requirements.

While businesses struggle to cope up with the adverse impacts of COVID-19, visitor management across multiple locations should also be a key priority in establishing the right balance between operational efficiency, user experience and organizational growth. The aforementioned factors should be paid proper attention to ensure that the visitor management solutions implemented by you turn out to be successful.


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