Best Office Technologies to Enhance Your Brand Image

Branding is one of the core aspects of a successful business. Building a strong recognisable brand help connect with the existing customers, sell to new customers and encourages brand loyalty and recognition. Satisfied customers and employees are the most effective brand ambassadors. Their experiences by interactions with the company play a prominent role in business branding. Many of the businesses and offices are now adopting the latest technologies such as visitor management system (VMS), automation tools, Smart spaces and more. Let’s go through them in detail.

Visitor Management Systems Enhance Visitor Experience

Your office front-desk forms the first layer of interaction with the visitors. A pleasant visitor experience not only creates a positive first impression on the visitors but also plays an important part in enhancing brand reputation. The old-fashioned mode of visitor management involving a receptionist are laborious and time-consuming. The visitors are made to wait for longer durations before interacting with the hosts. As a result, visitors are seen roaming around in the office premises. 

With the introduction of the automated visitor check-in system, there is a complete change in the scenario. The visitor management systems are placed at the front-desk and unmanned entrances in the facility. After entering the facility, the visitors can complete the registration process on their own before check-ins. So, it reduces the hassle of entering the visitor details in the paper log books. 

The VMS also sends instant notifications to the host via Email/SMS and alerts him of the visitor arrival. The process is completely automated and thereby leaves a favourable impression on the visitors. Apart from enhancing the visitor experience, the visitor registration system also address the office concerns related to safety and security. Besides this, offices can also consider to include device plug-ins and Wi-fi accessibility. Further, offices can consider to include smart boards, mobile platforms, wireless presentation technology in conference rooms that help streamline meetings and client exchanges. 

Automation and Collaboration Tools Keep Employees Happy and productive

Employees play an important role in communicating and building the brand image. The offices must ensure that the brand image spreads through the office space and business culture. Here also, the role of technology cannot be denied! Automation software help automate tasks and saves valuable time for the employees. It offers an excellent opportunity for the employees to focus on other productive and creative works. There are also tools to improve the efficiency of the employees such as productivity and time-management software. The office technology thereby assists to reinforce brand image. Further, offices can ensure to grant employees access to collaboration tools like Trello, messenger, Hootsuite, Teamviewer, etc. which creates the feeling of teamwork among the employees. 

Cutting Edge Technologies that Reinforce the Brand Image

Many offices and businesses are adopting cutting edge technologies to make sure their offices are high-tech.  To project the right kind of brand image, make sure the technology stays up to date and is easy for the employees and clients. Also, the companies are lending much focus on technology and design options to reinforce the brand image. Take for instance the case of Cisco’s wall-sized video screens, telepresence robots, and smart spaces. The telepresence robot is equipped with a large screen and allow people from across the world connect to the Cisco Building 10 in California through a live video. Also, Cisco building 10 features a room wall that functions as a dedicated video screen. Smart Space from Cisco is a space management solution that can be accessed through a mobile app, desktop or Kiosk. It lets the employee identify, reserve the workplace setting that is ideal for carrying the work activities.

Security does play a prominent role in projecting the company as a reliable and trustworthy destination. In that scenario, companies need to adopt technologies that convey a sense of security such as Smart door technology of Kastle presence wherein the sensors pick up nearby smartphone using Bluetooth technology and grants access for entry into buildings. 


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