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Visitor Management How Well Do You Trust Vendors in Your Facilities?

Quite a number of professionals are acknowledging the strategic relevance of physical security. About 92% of them feel the necessity of having a touchless visitor management system

The culture surrounding security protocol does allow norms, norms that allow blind spots. So, disrupting the norm would not require a full-scale invasion. For instance, if a salesperson shows up, they will require authorization before entering, followed by their entry to the desired office. So, there is a record to track his/her whereabouts. What about the existing employees? Is there surveillance to trace their whereabouts once they are inside the building. It is only normal for regular attendees to have a sweeping idea of the building they are attending. 

So, there is a lot of space for anyone to exploit. Anyone one can just waltz in and have easy access to confidential information. The entire reason why most offices opt for visitor management software is not to point fingers but to account for every attendee inside the building. There is, of course, a fundamental level of trust between companies and employees but when it comes to accountability, there should be a holistic system that will allow companies to trace the whereabouts. 

Should you trust your vendors? 

You absolutely should. But trust would be too much of an absolute. The right interjection here would be “faith”. Have faith in your employees and the rest can be supplemented by technology. 

But before you proceed with an idea to implement a new system, there should be an understanding of what it can bring to the table. There should be an incentive to integrate because if it exists, to begin with, the integration won’t make any sense. 

Here are some core features of visitor management software: 

  • Pre-registering for self-check-ins 
  • Securely upload legal documents prior-visit without the hassle of physical presence. 
  • Stores first sign-in guests and recalls the same. 
  • Avail digital signature option at check-in. 
  • Onboarding through interactive media 
  • Avail multiple languages presets 
  • QR-friendly 
  • WIFI login information for guest/visitor use 

Don’t tread on just assumptions 

Vendors usually perform screening before they hire someone for a service. But are they as speculative as you are? Do they inspect or zoom in on their existing employees? If there is no consolidated answer coming from you, you are already running on an assumption and blinding trust. And, if you assume that employee accountability is not as imperative, then you are very wrong and it is recommended that you tread these lines carefully. 

How can you protect yourself? 

The first thing that you should have is transparency and access to information. Once you have both of these core elements, you will know what each of your vendors and employees is up to. If a vendor’s assessment is not up to the security standard you have set for your company, then there needs to be a supplementary process devised by you. 

As this piece already points out the foundational aspects of what one can expect from a visitor management system, implementing the same would make sense. Once the vendors log in with their respective details, you also get a chance to run background checks. If you find there have been some shared discrepancies in terms of information provided, then you can always retrace your steps and hold them accountable. 

Additionally, you can also monitor the access level a vendor is allotted to. Once you oversee the entire system, you will also find out the potential pain points of your security and visitor management system. Your system can also generator badges that can track employee traffic on each floor and room. 

A Sense of Safety in Your Facility 

A safe space is a fundamental right to everyone. It is also your onus to provide the same to yourself and your employees. So, when there is a sense of safety, the system of administration functions smoothly. Since a company has other facilities that equally deserve attention. So, safety being a pivotal element, relying on assumptions will give you deadly consequences. But if you have a digital receiver or a VMS integrated into your security system, you would not have to believe everyone on their face value. 

Do workers need to justify their trust? 

They need to as long as they are working and you are asking them within the ethical limits of your company policy. If you want transparency to hold a central light, then commence an integration that serves you with your information and grants you full access to hold people accountable if there is any reason to. 

What do you need? 

You need a competent VMS like piLOBI that will give you around the clock service. You can get real-time updates and will treat you as a partner rather than just seeing you as a typical client.

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