Re-Imagining Receptionist Software In 2020

Reception, as the word suggests, is the greeting and serving of guests visiting any place. Receptionists carry the responsibility of making the first impression on the visitor, which has the power to establish the image of your brand in the mind of the visitor.

Receptionists are often referred to as the “face of a company”, and rightly so. They welcome the visitors, put processes of checking-in into action, and give the visitors all the relevant information for their visit that would be needed for a seamless visitor experience. Hence, providing receptionists with the correct tools to carry the load of their jobs is an imperative action for any business.

Receptionist software is the most powerful tool a receptionist can have, as it helps them in navigating around the multitude of processes they oversee. Considering the growing trend of experience economy, it is very evident that visitors in the 21st century are more inclined to revisit a business if their visitor experience was good. To quantify this, experience-based services showed a phenomenal personal consumption expenditure growth of 6.3% annually, compared to total services that showed an annual growth of 3.7%.

Receptionist management software has been the highlight of the past decade for businesses that have shot for the stars in their servicing and growth. So, in 2020, what exactly does make for an impeccable automated receptionist software? Let’s explore.

Times Have Changed, So Should Receptionist Software

Living in a world of lockdown and quarantine, there has been a major shift in terms of recognizing and implementing solutions for the front desk staff to still offer the same level of services as before this pandemic began. How to accomplish this? The answer is diverse and covers many areas in the visitor management process. Here are some of the most relevant processes that can help you in reimagining receptionist software in 2020:

1. Convenient Features for Visitors: Visitors are no longer bound to visit any establishment that doesn’t offer them an overview of their visit beforehand. Providing visitors with a holistic view of their journey can significantly boost their willingness to visit the establishments. For instance, if a visitor is provided with a simple check-in procedure via a link on their email before visiting the business, it saves them a lot of time and trouble of standing at the reception desk and doing the same. Moreover, it is also safe for them to do most of the steps on their own rather than exposing themselves to the risk of contracting the virus, standing in the open reception area.

2. First Impression Via Errorless Processes: Now, the receptionist plays an equally important role in determining how well the receptionist software does its job. It was reported that almost 66% of companies didn’t engage with suppliers a second time due to bad first impressions. Hence, it is imperative that the check-in, reporting, and servicing processes are as errorless as possible. To accomplish this, a receptionist software should come equipped with a diverse range of functionalities that can accommodate all demands of the visitors. Scheduling appointments, providing instant updates to the visitors via communication channels such as WhatsApp or emails, customer servicing, visitor management, etc., are all the features that should be present in an ideal receptionist management software.

3. Keeping the Engagement Organic: At the end of the day, a receptionist software is a tool. What makes it effective is not just the features it comes loaded with, but also how organically it is infused with the processes of visitor management. Hence, it is imperative that the receptionist software is as much a tool as it is an entity to interact with. For instance, if a visitor receives a check-in link prior to their visit, they shouldn’t have a single problem in navigating around the receptionist software UI. 66% of consumers and visitors said that their interest in a business depended upon the design, quality, and features of the services provided. Design and features in this statistic are the keywords, which foreshadow that organic and convenient engagement is all that a visitor is looking for to be satisfied with their front-desk experience.

4. Offices Should Be Vigilant About Check-Ins: In today’s time, opening an office comes with a lot of risks, which can be taken care of by an advanced receptionist software. In 2020, a modern office check-in app can play a crucial role in keeping the premises of an office safe and secure from the risk of spreading the virus. Having employee’s check-in via the app and the visitors being provided with the application while they’re on the premises will help the receptionists in managing the visitors and employee activities alike.


Receptionist software must evolve with the times and implementing the solutions can help you in elevating your visitor experience. Adapting with the times, a receptionist management software is perhaps the most crucial aspect for any business in 2020, as it determines not only safety for the visitors and employees alike, but also the overall visitor experience.

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