Accurate Patient Identification Using Visitor Management Software


Hospitals and healthcare facilities are required to welcome all comers as they are offering a public service and cannot turn away anyone. At any hospital, there is a steady stream of patients, their friends, and family, those coming to schedule an appointment, people out to collect antibiotics, vendors visiting with their supplies, contractors, temporary workers, sales reps from pharmaceutical firms, and others.

Visitor Management Software for Hospitals

  • A large number of visitors and patients can pose a security challenge to hospitals and their staff ranging from violence to robbery of supplies. Plus, hospitals need to deal with patient privacy concerns and need to ensure there is no unpermitted access.
  • Though hospitals employ security guards and deploy security protocols, they cannot check all visitors. Further, they cannot afford to be too stringent as this can impact their reputation and image, affecting patient retention. Hospitals can invest in a modern visitor management system to implement an efficient and effective security protocol, without compromising their welcoming attitude.

The Need for a Dependable Visitor Management App for Hospitals

  • Clinics and hospitals are utilizing automated visitor management systems to handle the entire visitor management procedure. Everything is accomplished via tablets or computers, making the process swift and simple.  
  • The software can be utilized to automate the procedure, validate identifications, maintain a visitor database, and perform a slew of tasks, all without human intervention.
  • The platform allows your staff to focus on providing excellent service to the patients, while it ensures only authorized persons can access the units. Plus, you can leverage it to manage friends and family members visiting patients and give them badges with check-in and checkout details. The centralized visitor management software for hospitals also streamlines processes such as registration, identification, and access management, and improves the overall security level.

Benefits of Visitor Management App in Hospitals

A visitor management solution can facilitate digital reception for hospitals and provide the following benefits:

Fast and Effortless Check-in

You can bid goodbye to illegible handwriting, spilled ink, and visitor logs. The visitor management tool can record all guest data in its database in a tamper-proof manner. You can also deploy kiosks where visitors can sign in by themselves. Manual registration and check-in can take up to five minutes, while the electronic system does the job in seconds.

Ensure Compliance

Healthcare institutions need guests and visitors to sign legal documents such as health questionnaires, waivers, NDA, and other agreements. The visitor management system can provide the documents to guests and automatically collect their e-signatures to save time. Plus, the software instantly alerts you if a guest does not meet the terms in the documents or agreements.


If you know beforehand that a guest is coming, you can input their details in your visitor management platform. After arriving, the guest simply needs to enter their name or scan their ID, and the system automatically takes care of the whole check-in and registration process, saving time, and improving guest satisfaction.

Produce Notifications

Visitor management software for hospitals can be configured to deliver instant alerts to predefined persons in different scenarios. For instance, if an individual wishes to meet a physician who is currently not available, the application can send notifications to other available staff.

Scan and Authenticate Identification

You can set up the visitor management tool with a camera so it can scan IDs like passport, driver’s license, and others. The info from the IDs is added to the database and saved in the cloud without the requirement for manual work. Further, the software can use the camera for visual identification by comparing stored photos in the program and issuing alerts in case there are unauthorized or blacklisted visitors.

Facilitate Emergency and Evacuation Response

The hospital visitor management app database contains information about all visitors to your hospital. You can know the person they have come to see, their current location, and how long they intend to be present. This assists the emergency and security squads in finding and accounting for all visitors who need to be evacuated or rescued. You can also use the database information to produce an evacuation list swiftly and execute your emergency strategy.

Scope of Visitor Management Software for Hospitals

Accurate patient identification and enhanced security are key elements in the optimal functionality of a hospital. Installing a visitor management system in your premises can not only help in seamless workplace management, but also help with the hospital staff being able to give more time to critical matters. Not only will it boost your staff’s efficiency, but also make the management and tracking of data streamlined.

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