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5 Reasons to Upgrade Your Reception with Visitor Management Software

If you are a start-up or an established business, you might be well aware of how difficult it is to monitor and manage visitors. It is a difficult task for the receptionist, to manage a large number of visitors paying a visit to the business premises. Traditional systems like paper logs and registers do have their problems. Further, the entered data may be difficult to interpret owing to the dismal handwriting or due to incorrect typing. At this instance, you might be pondered by a number of questions surrounding the management of visitor flows.

In traditional visitor management, a visitor signs in the paper logbooks mentioning the name, time of visit, person to meet and so on. The receptionist then intimates the host of the visitor arrival. In the meanwhile, the queues would start to pile up, leading to longer waiting times as new visitors continue to enter the facility. In the modern era, where everything happens digital, visitor management is not an exception! It’s time to make way for the new digital reception using the visitor management system. Bid farewell to traditional ways of visitor management and upgrade to the new digital reception to stay well ahead of your competitors.

Be Proactive

Investing in visitor management is the best first step in getting proactive about visitor experiences in your workplace. A right visitor management system helps keep track of the visitors entering and leaving the facility. The visitor management software stores the comprehensive details of the visitor including the facial capture, digital signatures during visitor check-ins and helps you stay vigilant all the time.

Lowered Maintenance Costs

Traditional visitor management solutions employing a receptionist with a pen and paper logs may save you money in the short term but it would drain your profits in the long run. Automated visitor management is an intelligent solution and a regular step up from the traditional lobby management system. It is like a one-time investment. It offers many advantages over the traditional visitor management that involve the employment of guards and receptionists in the lobby area. With a digital visitor management system, the visitor check-ins are automated and hence this facilitates the businesses to employ the reception staff in other important areas for enhanced productivity.

Enhances Brand Image

Having a visitor management system helps create a positive first impression on the visitor. The brand image and reputation of the business often depends on the creation of a positive first impression. If a visitor is greeted properly with a warm reception and helps them to get in contact with the person they came to meet, then the visitor feels satisfied. It leaves a polished, professional first impression on the visitors and accounts for an efficient check-in experience.

The Power of Automation

Automated visitor management systems are a boon for businesses that often witness large volumes of visitors. In general, it is quite complicated to manually enter all the details of the visitors.  A Cloud-based biometric tool automates the entire process and eliminates the hassles associated with manual data entry. The system not only saves loads of time and money but also maintains the database of visitors in an efficient manner. Further, the retrieval of visitor data becomes quite easy when the need arises.

A Multitude of Benefits

Investing in automated visitor management solutions grants businesses/organizations a host of benefits as compared to traditional mode.

1. Access Data from Anywhere:

Cloud-based visitor management helps you access visitor data from anywhere. All you needed to do is to log in to your account using the credentials and you are good to go.

2. Real-Time Notifications for Better Preparedness:

The visitor management system sends an automated notification to the host indicating the exact instance of guest arrival. Also, it lets the host to know about the pre-registered visitors for better preparedness by sending a notification to the visitor via e-mail or SMS.

3. Increased Accountability:

Automated visitor management system comes in handy during emergency situations. In the case of immediate evacuations, the businesses can know the guests who are residing in the facility. They can have the exact number of visitor headcounts and take immediate action in the direction.

4. A Solution to the Visitor Independence Problem:

When a visitor checks-in an unfamiliar facility, they need the assistance of the front desk staff for a smooth check-in experience, for various purposes such as to locate the meeting room and to interact with the host. Automated check-in helps get rid of all the hassles and offers the visitors, the much-needed independence.

5. Data Protection:

Unlike traditional feedback, visitor management software safeguards the visitor details, eliminating the chances of a possible data breach. The visitor details are stored in the cloud and are accessible only to authorized personnel. Further, the visitor data can be retrieved in times of need.

6. Enhanced Company Branding:

Automated visitor management solution assists in projecting the company branding in your reception in a way that is not possible with paper logs. Load your company logo, branding on the ipads, tablets/kiosks and offer a more polished and professional experience to the visitors. Incorporate company colours to reinforce your brand and create a unique feel among visitors for a memorable welcome experience.

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