How Visitor Management System Manage the Risk Visitors Pose at Your Workplace?

Visitors who enter workplaces may pose risks or get unauthorized access without the awareness of facility managers when traditional visitor check-in methods are employed. Traditional visitor management systems involved using an offline pen and paper logbook where the names of visitors would be filed in, along with the date, duration of stay, and purpose of visit. However, this method of manual data entry would pose a high-risk to businesses since there’d be no specific ways to validate the data entered or cross-check records.

Modern visitor management systems that run on the Cloud remove these risks, thus improving the operational efficiency and integrity of businesses. There’s no disconnect with the data entered and any mismatches are instantly revealed in real-time. A myriad of benefits is offered through the use of high-quality and innovative visitor management systems. 

Here are a few ways these systems manage the risk posed by new visitors and how they work on reducing or completely eliminating them.

1. Helps Businesses Stay Compliant 

A business must stay compliant when it comes to following the government rules and regulations. Visitor management software is designed in such a way that it enables this since it’s a compliance requirement for organizations these days. Platforms like these help business owners trace back visitors and identify where they are coming from, thus preventing any unexpected or unwarranted lawsuits.

2. Cuts Down Costs and Improves Operational Efficiency

Manual pen-and-paper visitor entries may seem smart and cheap short-term but long-term, they prove to be difficult. Besides being a drain on physical resources, sorting through piles of data becomes a nightmare for businesses. Without a reliable visitor management system in place, businesses face the risk of shutting down unexpectedly and may land lawsuits resulting from violations that result from a lack of security, surveillance, and safety measures. 

A reliable visitor management system tracks visitors and helps trace any suspicious activities. Before the visitor steps foot into the premises, the software gives key insights and lets facility managers know who is incoming and if they’re capable of posing a risk to the business in any way.

3. Streamlines Communication And Keeps Staff Members Up-To-Date

A reputed visitor management platform provides automated digital reception and alerts staff at the front desk about the different types of visitors. Surveillance teams are informed so that they can coordinate with the staff and identify new faces that enter buildings.  In the event of emergencies, these systems can send out mass alerts or notifications via emails and SMS messages in real-time, thus curbing any incidents or dangers that arise to the business.

4. Integrations and More

Visitor management systems are able to integrate with risk management, incident management, and other security and surveillance systems. Owners will be able to log in to the dashboard and see any trends that occur when it comes to visits. For example, finding out who is visiting your employees and alerting them instantly before they receive any visitors. These platforms are also designed to be used on the Cloud which means the data is kept completely secure. 

Besides being able to view the app and use it  remotely on Android and iOS, VMS software can be customized to prevent the entry of banned persons in the premises and have modules that can be integrated with license-plate recognition. The features presented by these systems can be expanded upon to meet the different requirements of businesses, no matter what size they are for convenience.


An organization that doesn’t have a reliable visitor management system will be at risk of lawsuits or face unexpected incidents. It’s hard to track who enters and exits buildings when you have a huge influx of visitors on a daily basis. piLOBI is a modern visitor management system that’s equipped with sophisticated features and the latest visitor analytics. Through key insights, trends, and detailed reports, it lets facility managers know who is about to visit and allows them to blacklist/whitelist them. The software is designed to be a completely scalable solution for businesses and comes integrated with the Cloud.

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