How Technology Is Changing Gated Community Management?

Gated communities are all the rage of the century and for good reason. You get the feel of a community while having the privacy of your own apartment. All gated communities have watchmen in the name of security but that is as far as it goes. If you are looking for security for your personal apartment then you have to turn to technology and it’s safe to say that the industry has made immense strides in that department. 

Visitor management system for gated communities is your answer to a more robust and thorough management system. It not only serves your specific security requirements but also makes the lives of your visitors much easier. 

Reception Automation 

Gated communities usually have a central reception area but more often than not they lack a reception in every building. That part is usually taken care of by a gatekeeper and not very efficiently. The answer to that question is a visitor management system. 

It acts like a digital reception that keeps a log of every person visiting your home. By automating the signing in process, the staff is relieved of mundane documentation work and can focus on more important things. This record-keeping helps homeowners and tenants efficiently provide details and keep track of every who comes and goes. 

Convenience for Regular Visitors 

Gated communities have signing in rules for every person who comes and goes. This is done to keep a track of all visitors. This becomes a very frustrating process for regular visitors who are usually friends or family of the homeowner. The answer to all such frustrations is a visitor check in software. 

Keeping efficiency in mind the visitor management system for gated communities are built on robust softwares that can not only automate the signing in process but also allow regular visitors to bypass the verification process. They can make use of their previously used IDs or badges and confirm their identity using the QR code on it. 

The smart system on the visitor check in software instantly recognizes the visitor and grants them passage. While this is very efficient and also makes the entire process error-free by getting rid of the human component. 

Staff Compliance 

Gated communities usually have a central management running all the staff that takes care of your utilities and other home requirements. Given the conditions it becomes hard to keep track of their work efficiency and any complaints made to the authorities gets lost in the bureaucracy. A visitor management system redefines transparency and helps your grievances be heard at the right places at the right time. 

The digital reception not only takes care of your guests but also helps you give feedback on the services provided by the management staff. A real-time notification reaches the concerned authorities against any feedback that is made. And all such complaints and notices are kept on record for everyone to see. This transparency via the visitor check in software makes sure that your complaints do not get lost in translation and you get the services you paid for. 

Easy Setup and Access 

While gated communities are known to have all the amenities you need, that sentence really comes into its own when you have a proper visitor management system installed at your apartment. Keeping the philosophy of easy access in mind these management systems have really simple installation processes that can be taken care of by anyone without any prior technical know-how. All you need is the instructions manual. 

Once the setup is done you can start using it as a digital reception without further ado. All features like automatic signing in, feedback system, and convenient sign in for regular visitors are made accessible to you.  

 piLOBI’s visitor management software on installation gives you access to a dashboard that displays all your relevant data in a detailed, yet easy to understand manner. The graphical representation of all the information makes life easier for not only the homeowners but also the authorities of the gated community. Technology is revolutionizing every aspect of our lives and its time that our homes became part of that revolution too. 

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