How to Secure Factories With Fully Digitized GatePass Management System?

Whether it’s a large organization or a small-scale factory, every single day, these places come across a lot of hustle and bustle. It could be the entry and exit of employees, movement of raw materials, or more.

There is no denying the fact that all of such movements in a factory should be controlled and monitored for better security. That is precisely where the concept of a GatePass enters.

A GatePass can be easily used to authorize movements of machines, materials, and humans to or from the premise. Not just that, but it also helps to track such movements happening inside the organization.
So, how can factories secure their grounds with a completely digitized GatePass management system? Let’s find out here.

1.Relying Upon Secure System:

Sure, there are innumerable management systems that you can find out there. However, to ensure adequate security, you must only rely upon a system that comes from a credible and trustworthy brand.

Choosing a name that already has dependable stature in the market would help you acquire better security measures. Moreover, such brands also comprehend the needs of customers vehemently. Thus, their management systems come integrated with advanced features and the latest technologies for better use.

2.Choosing One That Prevents Identity Threat:

As mentioned above, a factory site welcomes several visitors each day. Keeping that in mind, you must look out for such a visitor check-in system that keeps the details of visitors stored safely.

You would not have to face hassles while going through options and finding such a system that helps you keep a tab on the details and store them in the cloud safely. This will not just help to sharpen the security game but will also keep records of visitors intact.
Thus, whenever required, you can access the cloud and find out records of the concerned person.

3.An Adequate Monitoring System:

Moving forward, one of the substantial ways to keep the factory site secured is by investing in an adequate monitoring system. Hold on, this doesn’t include implementing cameras and monitors around the nooks, but something more than that.

You can look for a GatePass management system that comes with monitoring features as well. Such kind of function keeps a tab on how many visitors visited the factory site in a day, how often each person visits, and how long did they stay on the site.
With this detailed report in hand, you would be able to overcome threatening situations quite easily.

4.Paperless Sign-In:

Another significant method of implementing a security standard on the factory site would be by introducing digital sign-ins and eradicating the need for keeping paper records.

A GatePass management system becomes appropriate only when it provides a paperless registering feature. This feature not just makes the sign-in process smoother and streamlines but also stimulate environmental protection techniques as well.

Moreover, digitized visitor sign-in system also ensures protecting records for years altogether. Thus, there would be no way you would lose any of the registered entries of visitors on the site.

5.Personalized Guest Badges:

For the ones entering your factory site for the first time, a customized guest badge would do the trick. These badges would help you establish a security system that would keep interlopers and trespassers away from the premise.

So, look for such kind of a management system that creates personalized guest badges automatically along with barcode to make the sign-in process seamless for recurring visitors.

It will help you keep an eye on who is frequent to the ground and who came for the first time. This way, you would be able to scrutinize the new person much better.


Undeniably, there is a myriad of advantages that a digital visitor check-in software offers. Right from restricting unauthorized access into the factory ground to keeping a record of everyone coming in and going out of the factory, a competent system can do a lot of things for you.

And, moreover, if you choose such a system that is laced with advanced features and utmost efficiency, like piLOBI, things would become even easier for you.

So, apart from the tricks mentioned above, you can even search for some more techniques that would help you keep your factory area secured from unwanted events and people.

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