10 Quick Tips About Reception Automation and Sign-In App

What is Reception Automation and why do we need it?

In the fast-moving world today, it has become increasingly difficult to find, hire, train and maintain a receptionist that can handle the visitors with great zeal and perfection. Moreover, with ongoing inflation, salaries seem to be skyrocketing. The ultimate solution to all this is an automated system that can not only handle visitor queries but also store all relevant information with ease. This system is popularly known as Reception Automation which is an addition to the visitor management system.

What are Digital Receptionist and Reception Sign-In Apps?

In recent times, offices have been using outsourcing facilities for receptionist work. These are called Virtual Receptionist. A virtual receptionist is a real, live person who performs all of the phone answering duties as a traditional receptionist, the only difference being that these tasks are performed from a remote location. They have software that connects them to your business’s phone and computer system, and all the calls are routed to them. However, this may require training and at times may lead to ambiguity and hassle. Thus, the new digital reception can be of great help.

A Digital Reception often referred to as a visitor registration or reception sign-in app, is a software solution that greets visitors as and when they arrive at your workplace. Basically, it automates the reception so that you are free to focus your attention on your core business activities.

Quick Tips for Reception Automation and Reception Sign-In Apps

Here are some tips regarding Reception Automation, who should take it, what it does, how it helps and the like:

  1. Digital Reception is a concept that can be used in collaboration with Visitor Management Systems. It is mainly used in offices with an employee base of 20-1200 workforce. It is mostly used in medical offices, government agencies and manufacturing abilities or where your reception is usually loaded with visitors.
  2. Install the Digital Reception at a place where it can be prominent, attract visitors and yet not disturb the day to day functioning of the employees. For this, observe how visitors travel through your office.
  3. Stick with the simplest basic setting while installation of the visitor sign-in system and other related software. There may be a lot of customization available in the visitor sign-in system, but on the initial level, simpler settings can help visitors adapt to the new technology easily.
  4. If you decide to customize the reception sign-in app, keep in mind to take up key information about the Visitor, including their personal information and detailed reason for the visit. This can help in your marketing data as well as enhance your security.
  5. Until the host reaches the lobby to greet the visitors, good manners can be exhibited by letting the Digital Receptionist guide them to restrooms or to a small niche for hot served snacks.
  6. Use the Digital Reception software to notify your employees of VIP guests and other such important notifications, via text messages or emails.
  7. Visitors may include delivery persons and others too. These may come up with packages to be delivered to the office but you may want it to be out of sight from other visitors. You can use Reception Automation, in this case, to guide packages to a separate place in the office from where it can be picked up later during the dispersal hours of the staff.
  8. Reception Automation system can help you to multitask while the digital reception handles your visitors on your behalf.
  9. The compact set up of Visitor Sign-In systems helps you to reduce the space of having a physical reception. This saved space can be used for the cafeteria or any other place for employee leisure, thereby increasing productivity and employee satisfaction.
  10. The visitors log in the database of reception sign-in app can help you keep a check on the most productive employees, most visiting clients, most delivering restaurants, most prominent service providers and the like.

This way, a small investment in reception automation systems, can save you hundreds of precious work hours in the long run thereby increasing the efficiency and effectivity of the organization. Get to know more about the visitor management system with piLOBI which is a one-stop destination for all your digital reception related queries and operations. Modernize your reception today with piLOBI.

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