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Trends in Workplace Security and Enterprise Visitor Management Solutions

With the turn of the decade and major shifts happening across all industries due to the effects of the worldwide pandemic, it has become clear enterprises have to develop new and unique strategies to improve their workplace security and visitor management. This need for the new has brought in some staggering and exciting opportunities for enterprises to grow in executing their business. The Visitor Management solutions industry is expected to see a significant rise due to this development. As predicted by IDC, over 52% of the GDP globally would be directly accounted for the digitally transformed businesses and enterprises. 

With this development, there are going to be some very impactful trends that will develop with unique outtakes enterprises will take. These trends can prove to be a significant reform to the visitor management solutions implemented right now by enterprises, and even workplace security.

In this article, we will explore some of the most impactful ways in which visitor management will progress and establish in the future. Let’s dive in.

Securing and Enhancing the Future Capabilities of Enterprises

Global enterprises have to account for many elements when it comes to visitor management. Generating optimum security for their facilities, collecting securely storing data, and handling visitors are the three segments where most of the investment from enterprises will go.

Going beyond the basics of maintaining written logs in front desks, or using the outdated access management tools is the first step towards this. Advanced solutions for visitor management need to be implemented to ensure top-class workplace security. Hence, enterprises must integrate security with all of their operations using tools like a visitor management system to ensure safety from any data breaches or other threats. This can significantly assist enterprises in avoiding any brand damage and keep them safe from any property destruction. 

For enterprises to truly rise from the events that have unfolded in 2020, developing fresh and unique strategies to enhance their workplace security is the most important step. To ensure this, advanced tools like visitor management software can be very helpful for enterprises to offer optimum security to the employees and visitors alike.

Here are some of the trends that enterprises have already started adapting to, which have proven to be effective in offering visitor management solutions:


Leveraging the Power of Cloud Computing


Enterprises can start using cloud computing, which proves them with secure and optimized platform security. The platform security can offer all the employees, hosts, visitors, and the admins of your system progressive security measures. Cloud computing has already created waves across all industries, with a very promising future as a technology to use for enterprises. 

It is already predicted by many research giants like McKinsey that the next generation of cloud computing will revolutionize visitor management. Advanced visitor management systems already use cloud computing in their features, however, enterprises still don’t have a good level of understanding about this technology. Cloud deployment is one of the most future-ready ways to ensure high-end workplace security.

Enterprises must understand the significance of making future-ready decisions in terms of using technology to outpace its industry competitors. In the age of digital transformation, using competent visitor management software can help enterprises in making better-informed, smarter, and holistic decisions. It can help enterprises in sorting through heaps of data, organizing it, capturing it from the visitors, and analyzing it.


Analytics is the New Champion for Improving Visitor Management and Security


Data analytics has seen a huge growth in demand over the past few years and is quickly becoming a valuable tool for enterprises. Every big tech enterprise has already charted out their future plans in data, and more specifically, in the processing of data in real-time. It has become the focal point of how digital transformation in the upcoming years will look like.

Visitor data is captured by visitor management software unlike a generic visitor’s book, which is a much more effective process. Getting clean, unaltered, and insightful data from the visitors is very imperative for enterprises to develop targeted solutions for visitor management. Capturing visitor data, and comprehensively analyzing it has provided enterprises with a much-needed edge in their respective industries to discover the latest user trends, and finding insightful visitor patterns to report to their clients.

Real-time reporting plays a key role here, through which enterprises can generate reports which can highlight the number of visitors that are signed in currently, and which host is catering to their needs. This helps management teams in efficiently identifying which host is engaging with how many visitors at any given time. Additionally, a visitor management system can also create visual reports, which are an effective way to make visitors aware of the current trends, and enhancing the on-site visitor management experience for the employees.


Upgrades are Essential


Having regular upgrades for the software and products have become increasingly important for enterprises over time. This is especially relevant for visitor management solutions, to keep the technology in tune with the latest upgrades in features and newly capable integrations. 

Upgrading the visitor management system you are using regularly will revolutionize your visitor management, with options such as digital reception. By generating targeted reports, the areas in which your visitor management system might be lagging can come to light for a specific upgrade to be worked upon. Deep integrations and customized workflows can assist your enterprise in managing all types of visitors in your establishment, while also enhancing the workplace security. Since visitor management software is cloud-based, it is also future-ready for major upgrades to be integrated into its already existing architecture, which can help your enterprise in scaling to new heights.


While the world shifted to a halt during the unprecedented events in early 2020, it is ready to come back with a bang and that will bring along many challenges for enterprises across the globe. However, using smart visitor management solutions like piLOBI can help enterprises in ensuring that their workplace security remains intact, and their visitor management improves impactfully. 

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