5 Reasons Top Utilities Companies Use Visitor Management Systems

Top utility providers are extremely regulated companies that face quirky challenges during the management of visitors. Utility providers do not track their visitors simply because of security or safety reasons, but the law actually requires them to report and monitor visitors. Considering the age of urbanization and modernization, the size of utility plant facilities are increasing with every passing day. Therefore, a manual reception management system would not cater to the real needs of a company. Hence, it can be easily concluded that a lobby management system can be highly beneficial for utility companies. Let us look at the reason why the best utility companies prefer using a visitor management system.

1.Discreetly flag and screen visitors:

A visitor management software helps the utility companies to screen their visitors easily even before they reach on-site. In addition to that, the visitor management system also allows the companies to ensure that their visitors have the required credentials needed to access their facilities. For instance, if you are expecting some visitors, your personnel can pre-register them for speedier processing.

With the help of this feature, the companies can safely gather as well as store the guest’s name, contact details, host, company affiliation, and more to use the information for screwing the visitors discreetly. Moreover, as the system is digital, it also helps in creating an audit trail that is easy to search and access. Hence, the company does not have to worry about inaccurate or illegible data.

2.Easy integration with other platforms:

Utility companies fall under highly regulated industries where accurate tracking of visitors is crucial. Therefore, the visitor checking system that the company is using should create a balance between efficiency and control.
Strategic technology integrations help the utility providers to smoothly streamline visitor and employee monitoring for better efficiency of the company. For instance, there are several visitor management systems that eliminate the complexity of registering employees individually but import the entire current staff readily.

Hence, employees have the freedom to log-in well as log-out effortlessly whenever they leave or enter the premises. Therefore, an employee management system helps in making the whole process more efficient and faster for utility companies that have to handle both visitors and employees traveling inside and outside of the facility.

3.Printing out visitor IDs quickly:

Printing of visitor ID badges quickly is an effective feature of a visitor management system. This is especially useful for utility companies that need an easy and quick way of identifying the visitors entering their premises. With the help of visitor ID badges, the internal staff can easily identify which people are authorized for staying on the premises. The badges have the visitors photo on it that further helps the employees to conduct proper checking.
Hence, the companies can also safeguard their data by making sure no authorized person gets access to their premises.

4.Track the people inside your facility:

As mentioned before, utility companies have to enforce uncompromising monitoring of employees and visitors inside their premises for several reasons. They need to secure their premises all the time to ensure that their equipment is safe and protected. It also helps them in keeping away the visitors from those areas which are potentially dangerous. In order to do this, the company needs to know the people inside their facility as well as the reason for these people being in the facility. Even though the traditional method can help you to understand the number of visitors inside the premises, it would not be able to show you where the visitors are in real-time.
Hence, you can gather information like where the visitors are, where they are going, how many people are there inside the premises. It also helps in providing a big picture of visitor patterns that includes movements and numbers, that can get used for security and safety planning.

5.Enforce strict regulations easily:

Through a digital reception, utility companies can track the visitors coming inside their plant along with the volume of personnel and contractors who would enter the plant. Most of the utility plants have numerous buildings sprawling in their compound. Hence, the property features multiple exits and entrances.
An average utility company employs nearly 100,000 employees. This does not include the outside contractors and personnel who visit regularly for special projects, repairs, constructions, or emergencies. Hence, a digital reception helps in keeping a track of the innumerable people inside the plant.

A visitor management system also helps the utility company to streamline stringent regulations. It helps them to enforce strict regulatory access as well as reporting guidelines for ensuring that NDAs become a part of the sign-in process they follow.


Hence, it can be easily deduced that the visitor management system not only helps in making the reporting, tracking, and monitoring process easier, but they also help the utility companies to speed-up their check-in process.
Visitor management system is a crucial software for utility companies as it helps them to streamline current processes while addressing visitor management challenges.

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